Monday, September 9, 2013


    As a busy man, who works in a 7 to 5 job, gets physically and mentally tired, who doesn't have time for exercise and eats to much at night - he couldn't stop his belly from going fat! yeah FAT!

   From the day I started working, I have forgotten to hit the gym or do a little exercise, I wasted my time from watching Youtube clips and eating junk in a convenience store. I have no motivation to move my ass whatsoever. I spend my day daydreaming having hard rock abs and a hot Ryan Gosling bod. Looking at my tummy that is full of fat, I decided to lift my heavy butt once again and brought my ass in a mall just to buy a sweatpants and a running shoe.

   I started running last week and hell it was an amazing feeling to run again except for those people who gives strange stares. What? Is it the first time that they saw a man jogging in a rainy afternoon? or is it because of my "bakat" sweatpants? Plus the dogs give me the creeps, yeah dogs! Stray DOGS! Imagine getting mauled by a fucking dog, it slowed me down just because I don't want to get bitten by those crazy dogs.

   Anyway, aside from the dogs and the strange stares, I still don't give a f*ck and still run because I wanted to get sexy  so bad, girls will drool for me hehe.. OR  have a healthy habit and burn the fat from my male preggy tummy.



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