Saturday, October 12, 2013


    Have you ever got those chain messages that contains eerie contents and if you didn't pass it to several people you will die a horrible death or a scary entity is going to fuck you out?

Because I got this:

I don't know why some of our pips still believe in this shit! It isn't even scary - except for the JEJEMON words. 


    This is what I do when I am bored :

I got 4 likes YAY! Now I can buy CATNIP!

I love cats - so I change my facebook profile pic and did this:

Oh yeah we do!

and this


Man, I need a better hobby.


    You know what happens when you leave your facebook account open and vulnerable to the hands of a mischievous entity - you magically turn GAY! Tada!

And this is an example of why you shouldn't leave your facebook unattended!

And this

Maybe I got a little too far! Hehe!