Tuesday, December 10, 2013


One of the classic ride in an amusement park : The Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel (also known as an observation wheel or big wheel), named after George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., is a non building structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying components (commonly referred to as passenger cars, cabins, capsules, gondolas, or pods) attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, they are kept upright, usually by gravity. - thanks Wikipedia

Enchanted Kingdom: Wheel of Fate

I do not fancy riding rides in amusement parks. First, I am a wussy and second, I am afraid of heights. But even though I am afraid I muster enough courage to hop inside on one of those gondolas (or whatever they call it). Keri ko to Chos!

Before we ascend to the top, the EK staff ensures that we are safe and sound inside, closed the gondola's door and said you be all fine NOT! If you have ever been in Enchanted Kingdom you will notice that their Ferris wheel is different from the ones in Star City and Tagaytay Sky Ranch. The only thing that keeps between you and the ground is a freaking metal bar (it looks like a cage though). Star City's and Sky Ranch ferris wheel is enclosed and their staff locks the door ensuring no one will accidentally fall.

them bars of safety

Thank God: We got 12 and not 13 (Not superstitious but what if). "For your safety please remain seated at all times". How about NO? Someone can easily jump to kingdom come if they are crazy enough.

Upon reaching the top, the wind was hammering my face, the gondola was swinging, and my heart beats like it was dancing on the disco floor. I am afraid but not of falling, my life flashes back like you were pressing a rewind button, I realized that I haven't lived my life yet, I am just merely existing, I still want to experience what life can offer, I want to travel, I want to be something great, I want to love, I want to be loved, I want to conquer mountains, I want someone to deflower me (charaught!) I want to do the things that makes you feel alive.


After such realization and pagmumuni-muni, we descended and I get to land my feet safely on the ground. I should be taking more risk, gamble and bet, because there are something in life that is worth risking for.

But I still didn't ride the fucking space shuttle - that thing is a big bag giant sack of nope so NOPE.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


    Have you ever got those chain messages that contains eerie contents and if you didn't pass it to several people you will die a horrible death or a scary entity is going to fuck you out?

Because I got this:

I don't know why some of our pips still believe in this shit! It isn't even scary - except for the JEJEMON words. 


    This is what I do when I am bored :

I got 4 likes YAY! Now I can buy CATNIP!

I love cats - so I change my facebook profile pic and did this:

Oh yeah we do!

and this


Man, I need a better hobby.


    You know what happens when you leave your facebook account open and vulnerable to the hands of a mischievous entity - you magically turn GAY! Tada!

And this is an example of why you shouldn't leave your facebook unattended!

And this

Maybe I got a little too far! Hehe!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have been teaching myself HTML/CSS and I can say that I'm not pretty  bad at it. Heh still can teach an old dog new tricks eh.

Though a lot of kids that I know has a lot more knowledge when it comes to coding, they can even design webpages like DAYUM! I terribly feel old ( and dumb)

Check out my progress:

LOL! My progress is very slow! Fuck my job, hindering me from learning this codes and all that stuff and shit.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


    Last week I bought a pair of combat boots from a thrift store. My friend noticed it and started asking "Why in the hell do you need those combat boots for?" I just shrugged and said "Eh? It looks great and you look badass if you wear it". My friend then display the face of disbelief and confusion.

photos from: coolhunting.com
See, you can use your boots in any kind of terrain, it protects you from nasty sharp things, wear it when it rains and most of all, be able to look like a bad ass minus the guns and Chuck Norris DNA.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


    I have a rough start in the beginning of this month due to depression and unmet deadlines in my work, but still I have a solid plans and I wont let problems and shortcomings break it.

    I have been unproductive this previous month and I don't want this month to be unfruitful. Therefore I created a set of goals:

1. Hit the gym
     Since I started working I have been gaining a lot of weight due to lack of exercise and my weight exponentially increases as time goes by. Well having a super hot body is not that much of a priority - my goal is only to shed weight, tone my muscle, have a healthy lifestyle and slim down my beer belly.

2. Travel
    I have this dream of mine since I was a kid and until now I still have it. The only thing that holds me from travelling is my finances, my paycheck isn't that fat and my job doesn't pay that much (whine) but if there's a will then there is a way. I'll start cutting of my expenses, stop impulse buying of things I don't need and start funding my travel money. I wont be travelling that spontaneously but I'll start my dream one step at a time.
"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step" - some wise old Chinese guy I guess

3. Buy more of my clothes in thrift store (except for my undies)
    I love clothes and yes I'm guilty spending my money on clothes (and food!) alone! To cut my expenses short I should tempt myself not to buy that much clothes inside the mall since they are so expensive that they can burn a hole in your pocket, instead I'll buy my "necessity" (lol) in thrift store. YES! I'm a fan of thrift store, its like a jungle of ancient treasures, I love digging clothes and treating cool finds as a rare gym buried by a pirate (arrrr!) and I treat that as not as shopping but more of a treasure hunting. I've been considering opening a lookbook account but I don't know if I can pull a nice outfit but I got to try.

4. Self study (graphic design, adobe shenanigans, internet marketing, web developing, nerd stuffs)
    After getting my degree in Marketing I thought that my parents would let me enter school again but no! and I was horribly wrong.Since I can't force them due to money issues I just have to suck it up and do my own thing, the internet is full of helpful information that I could use and yes there is a lot of self taught pips, if they can then I shall will, the only problem is myself. I have to fought myself, laziness and procrastination kills a lot of time therefore I should be more productive for the things that I do.

5. Find a driving school and learn not to crash a car
     I have a student license in driving as of May but I rarely use it, I only drove a car outside four times and I was such a wussy! Thinking that I might get hit, I might hit someone, or crashed the car into tiny bite size pieces. And since I got it from May it will expire this Month and I don't want to spend another money for getting a new student license - just NO! To put it to good use I have to find a driving school and learn to drive like a boss.

I know this list is not that much but hey the less the more it is achievable. So what's your plan on September?