Wednesday, September 11, 2013


    I have a rough start in the beginning of this month due to depression and unmet deadlines in my work, but still I have a solid plans and I wont let problems and shortcomings break it.

    I have been unproductive this previous month and I don't want this month to be unfruitful. Therefore I created a set of goals:

1. Hit the gym
     Since I started working I have been gaining a lot of weight due to lack of exercise and my weight exponentially increases as time goes by. Well having a super hot body is not that much of a priority - my goal is only to shed weight, tone my muscle, have a healthy lifestyle and slim down my beer belly.

2. Travel
    I have this dream of mine since I was a kid and until now I still have it. The only thing that holds me from travelling is my finances, my paycheck isn't that fat and my job doesn't pay that much (whine) but if there's a will then there is a way. I'll start cutting of my expenses, stop impulse buying of things I don't need and start funding my travel money. I wont be travelling that spontaneously but I'll start my dream one step at a time.
"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step" - some wise old Chinese guy I guess

3. Buy more of my clothes in thrift store (except for my undies)
    I love clothes and yes I'm guilty spending my money on clothes (and food!) alone! To cut my expenses short I should tempt myself not to buy that much clothes inside the mall since they are so expensive that they can burn a hole in your pocket, instead I'll buy my "necessity" (lol) in thrift store. YES! I'm a fan of thrift store, its like a jungle of ancient treasures, I love digging clothes and treating cool finds as a rare gym buried by a pirate (arrrr!) and I treat that as not as shopping but more of a treasure hunting. I've been considering opening a lookbook account but I don't know if I can pull a nice outfit but I got to try.

4. Self study (graphic design, adobe shenanigans, internet marketing, web developing, nerd stuffs)
    After getting my degree in Marketing I thought that my parents would let me enter school again but no! and I was horribly wrong.Since I can't force them due to money issues I just have to suck it up and do my own thing, the internet is full of helpful information that I could use and yes there is a lot of self taught pips, if they can then I shall will, the only problem is myself. I have to fought myself, laziness and procrastination kills a lot of time therefore I should be more productive for the things that I do.

5. Find a driving school and learn not to crash a car
     I have a student license in driving as of May but I rarely use it, I only drove a car outside four times and I was such a wussy! Thinking that I might get hit, I might hit someone, or crashed the car into tiny bite size pieces. And since I got it from May it will expire this Month and I don't want to spend another money for getting a new student license - just NO! To put it to good use I have to find a driving school and learn to drive like a boss.

I know this list is not that much but hey the less the more it is achievable. So what's your plan on September?

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